See Behind the Scenes at John Woolfe Racing!

May 1, 2023News

In November 2022, JWR Managing Director David Riswick and IT Director Mike Duggan met with Nominet, the operator of .UK, to discuss John Woolfe Racing’s past, present, and future, as well as our digital transformation.

Despite being caught off guard by the pandemic like many other businesses, with over fifty years of experience, we were undaunted. During the lockdowns, we decided to shift towards becoming a digital-first company, leveraging the latest technologies and launching our venture into eCommerce, which was a first in our company’s half-century history.

By late 2022, we had joined Nominet’s Domain Leaders program and engaged in a conversation with their team to explore how the internet and .uk played a critical role in making our vision for the future a reality.

As part of their visit Nominet filmed several videos that explore both our company and our digital transformation, so if you’d like to have a sneak peak into what’s going on here at John Woolfe Racing, click here to go to The UK Domain.

Nominet is the United Kingdom’s internet registry, tasked with managing and securing the .UK namespace, which includes all websites ending in,, or .uk (including our own!). For over twenty-five years, they have overseen one of the most valuable digital assets in the country.

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