David Vizard’s How To Port & Flow Test Cylinder Heads


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David Vizard's

How To


From SA Design "PRO SERIES"

Build An Affordable Flow Bench
Basic To Advanced Techniques
Optimize Flow Paths, Unshroud Valves & More
Methods For Aluminum & Iron Heads
Flow Test Heads To Verify Results
In certain terms, the more air your cylinder head flows, the more horsepower your engine can make. Porting cylinder heads allows you to flow more air and unlock hidden performance potential. As a result, you can extract significant horsepower and torque gains. To port heads, it takes a craftsman's touch to shape the passages of the head for the most efficient airflow and effective combustion of the fuel charge. To verify this work, you need to flow test the heads on a flow bench. In this ground-breaking book, porting master and engine building wizard David Vizard covers all the nuances of porting heads and how to build an affordable flow bench to test the results.

Porting cylinder heads is an art and a science. It's like sculpting a piece of clay into a glorious final form and therefore, it demands the right tools, skills and application of knowledge. With 50 years of experience and uncommon acumen, David Vizard explains the principles, philosophy and techniques for extracting maximum performance from cylinder heads. All the aspects of porting stock and aftermarket heads in aluminum and cast iron are covered. Vizard expains how to optimize flow paths through the head, past the valves and into the combustion chamber. He covers blending the bowls, pocket porting, unshrouding the valves, porting the intake runners and many other advanced procedures. All of these changes combine to produce optimal flow velocity through the engine for the maximum power. If you've always wanted to port your heads but didn't have the information to confidently obtain the best results, now you do.

Published by SA Design - # SA215

Softcover - 160 Pages

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