Edelbrock 22701 Max-Fire® Ignition Spark Plug Wire Universal Kit


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Edelbrock 22701

Universal High Performance Spark Plug Wire Kit

Max-Fire® Universal 8.5mm spark plug wire sets feature the flexibility to tailor them to fit your V8 application perfectly.

Each kit has the spark plug boot pre-installed from the factory and is available in straight or 90° boots.

The straight boot sets are a "Vari-Angle" boot. This allows the boots to be bent and hold their position in tight areas to clear headers.

They include early OEM socket style and late style HEI plug distributor terminals to make sure you are covered.

Each kit includes 8 spark plug wire (varying lengths), 11 points style terminals, 11 HEI plug style terminals, 9 straight distributor boots, 9 90° distributor boots, 1 distributor to coil wire and dielectric grease.

Kit #22701 with 90° boots includes the following wire lengths; one 50", one 47", two 43", one 39", one 35", two 31".


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