Ford AOD Transmissions – Rebuilding & Modifying AOD, AODE & 4R70W


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By George Reid

From SA Design "WORKBENCH HOW-TO" Series

Rebuilding And Modifying The AOD, AODE And 4R70W

Complete Step-by-Step Rebuilds
Includes Removal And Installation Tips
Covers Model ID And Performance Mods

Millions of Ford rear-wheel-drive cars are equipped with the durable and simple C4 and C6 transmissions of the 1960s. However, early in the 1980s, Ford replaced those old designs with the AOD transmission for a new generation of cars. Overdrive gears, once popular before World War II, were becoming popular again. Manufacturers were under increasing pressure to raise fuel economy to meet ever-more-demanding EPA standards. A nice byproduct of overdrive was more comfortable cruising speeds and better fuel economy because the engine didn't have to work so hard.

In Ford AOD Transmissions, Rebuilding and Modifying the AOD, AODE and 4R70W, author George Reid walks you through the process step-by-step. He covers removing the transmission, complete disassembly and cleaning, careful reassembly, proper re-installation and road testing. Performance modifications are also detailed and an ID guide is included for various model numbers, evolutionary design changes, shift kit installation and torque converter selection.

This book is ideal for people who already have this transmission in their car, as well as enthusiasts who want to swap one of these more modern units into an older chassis to get all the benefits of overdrive.

If you plan to research or work on any of these overdrive models, this book is a vital addition to your workbench and library.

Published by SA Design - # SA279

Softcover - 144 Pages

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