High-Performance Differentials, Axles & Drivelines


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By Joseph Palazzolo

From SA Design "PERFORMANCE HOW-TO" Series

• Match The Drivetrain To Any Engine

• Select The Best Driveshaft, Differential & Axle

• Install The Optimal Gear Ratio For Any Application

• Rebuild Limited-Slip Differentials

A high-performance vehicle must have a high-performance driveline. All too often an owner builds an engine with monstrous horsepower, but the axle, differential or driveline components cannot handle the increased torque. When the driver accelerates hard, the axle snaps or the rear end chunks. Whether it's a muscle car, sports car, or truck, a vehicle is only as strong as its weakest link and the drivetrain must match the performance of the engine, tires and suspension.

High-Performance Differentials, Axles And Drivelines covers everything the enthusiast mechanic needs to know about selecting the most desirable gear ratio, rebuilding differentials and other driveline components, and - most importantly - matching the correct driveline components to engine power output. All the horsepower and torque in the world is useless unless you can transmit it to the pavement. This book shows you how to make the most of a vehicle's horsepower. It shows you how to set up a limited-slip differential, install high-performance axle shafts, swap out differential gears and select the best available products for the driveline. It also reveals setups for the Chevy 12-bolt, Ford 9-inch, Dana units and many other popular high-performance axles and rear ends. In addition, this book explains rear differential basics, rebuilding open differentials, ring and pinion gear operation. Axles, driveshafts and U-joints are also discussed in detail. With this book in hand, you will be able to buy, install, maintain and set up a drivetrain for almost any vehicle and application.

Published by SA Design - # SA-170

Softcover - 144 Pages

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