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How To Rebuild & Modify Ford C4 & C6 Automatic Transmissions


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By George Reid

From SA Design "WORKBENCH HOW-TO" Series

High-Performance Durability And Shift Upgrades

INCLUDES Complete Step-By-Step Rebuilds

Transmission Installation and Removal Tips

Automatic transmissions aren't the easiest components to understand and service, but vintage Ford C4 and C6 3-speeds are among the simplest automatics ever designed. These Ford transmissions can be torn apart and rebuilt in your home garage or workshop using common hand tools. Very few specialized tools are required.

This book reviews the long production life of both the C4 and C6 transmissions and includes the various production changes you need to be aware of while building yours. Of these two popular Ford automatic transmissions, the C4 encompassed the most changes ranging from input shaft and forward clutch size to main case revisions, which means you will want to arm yourself with detailed information in order to build the best C4 possible, with the best sources for parts and accessories for these classic automatics.

Because the larger, heavy-duty C6 transmission is the most rugged and dependable 3-speed automatic transmission Ford has ever produced, you can build even more durability and efficiency into yours.

If high performance is your goal, advice, tips and tricks are included to strengthen and fine-tune the capabilities of both the C4 and C6.

Published by SA Design - # SA227

Softcover - 144

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