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LS Swaps – How To Swap GM LS Engines Into Almost Anything


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By Jefferson Bryant

From SA Design "PERFORMANCE HOW-TO" Series


Fitment, Wiring, Fuel Systems, Computer Controls & More

The GM LS engine has become the dominant V-8 engine in GM vehicles and a top-selling high-performance crate engine. It has also become the most popular V-8 engine to swap into many American and foreign performance cars and trucks. The wide range of Gen III and Gen IV LS engines delivers spectacular efficiency and performance. These compact, lightweight, cutting edge pushrod V-8 engines have become affordable and readily obtainable from a variety of sources.

Veteran author and LS engine swap master Jefferson Bryant reveals all the criteria to consider when choosing an LS engine for your swap project. He guides you through selecting or fabricating motor mounts, positioning the engine in the engine compartment, and packaging its equipment. As part of the installation, you need to choose a transmission crossmember that fits the engine and vehicle as well as selecting an oil pan that has the correct profile for the crossmember along with adequate ground clearance. Often the brake booster, steering shaft, accessory pulleys and the exhaust system present clearance challenges, so this book offers you the best options and solutions. In addition, adapting the computer-control system to the wiring harness and vehicle is thoroughly detailed.

This all new edition of the original top-selling title How To Swap GM LS Engines Into Almost Anything covers the right way to do a spectrum of swaps. So pick up this guide, select your ride and get started on your next exciting project.

Published by Car Tech - # SA156

Softcover - 144 Pages

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