1966 Pontiac GTO: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 13


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Pontiac's GTO is often credited as being the first muscle car. As model year 1966 ended, an astounding 96,946 GTOs traversed Pontiac assembly lines, which set a high-water mark that would cement the GOAT as the most saleable muscle car that was produced during the golden age of performance.

Author David Bonaskiewich examines this model year in precise detail, taking into account every cosmetic change and optional hardware that warranted this sales boom. The Coke-bottle styling for the remodelled GTO certainly tipped the scales for some consumers. However, as they say, "The devil is in the details."

This book delves into those details, showcasing the vast array of optional equipment across its three body-styles (hardtop, sports coupe, and convertible). Thorough examinations of the drivetrain, interior, suspension, brakes, and wheels and tires are exhaustive, which unveils exactly why the 1966 GTO was the most successful muscle car ever assembled.

Tune up those Tri-Power carburettors, turn on your favourite tune, and twist the key with 1966 Pontiac GTO: In Detail!


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