A History Of America’s Most Popular Pickups Ford F-Series Trucks 1948-Present


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A History Of America's Most Popular Pickups
Ford F-Series Trucks

By Jimmy Dinsmore and James Halderman

Learn about the entire history of America’s best-selling vehicle: the Ford F-Series truck.
When Henry Ford first started manufacturing Model Ts more than 100 years ago, he didn’t really have any sort of pickup or truck configuration in mind. However, enterprising people and businesses were modifying those early chassis for commercial use, and it didn’t take long for Ford to figure out that there was a demand for a truck application of the Model T. Soon, Ford was making its own configurations for commercial use, first through third-party body companies and eventually by Ford itself with the Model TT. From these humble beginnings, Ford stumbled onto the basis for one of the most popular vehicles ever built: the Ford F-Series pickup truck.

In Ford F-Series Trucks: 1948–Present, authors Jimmy Dinsmore and James Halderman thoroughly dissect the history of Ford F-Series pickup trucks as seen from a technical viewpoint. Fully covered are all the options, chassis specifications, running changes, and the evolution of these trucks, as they transformed from postwar utilitarian vehicles to the best-selling luxury family cruisers seen today. Not only are Ford trucks the best-selling trucks, they are the best-selling vehicle of any category, cars included.

This book will thrill truck aficionados and Ford historians alike, as it covers the first F-Series models (1948–1952), the ever-popular second-generation F-Series models (1953–1956), the popular Bumpsides (1967–1972), and all the way through the remarkable technology of what is now the 14th generation of the F-Series.

Published By Car Tech - # CT661

Softcover - 168 Pages


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