David Vizard’s How To Build Horsepower


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From SA Design "PERFORMANCE HOW-TO" Series

Proven Methods For Increasing Horsepower In Any Engine

· Select The Best Aftermarket Head

· Cam Selection Secrets

· Install High-Flow Carb And Manifold

· Choose The Optimal Valvetrain

· Set Up Superchargers and Nitrous

Extracting maximum torque and horsepower from an engine is art as well as science. This all-new edition of David Vizard's How To Build Horsepower explains the latest and most effective working practices, techniques and strategies for building a high-performance automotive engine of any type - cam in block or overhead cam. With more than 50 years of experience, Vizard shares his methods, insights and secrets so you can select the best combination of components and turn his special engine building knowledge into big horsepower numbers. Building an engine isn't simply assembling a collection of the recommended parts from a catalog. Instead, it requires careful planning, bull's-eye parts selection and exceptional attention to detail. If you're building a serious high-performance engine for the first time, you need the information in this book.

Vizard is an engineer and more aptly an engine-building artist, who guides you through all the aspects of power production and high-performance engine building. The process follows the airflow path through the engine, starting at the air cleaner and concluding at the exhaust pipe. All the systems in between are covered in detail, so you can assemble an engine using the latest techniques and the best heads, cams, carbs, ignition systems and much more. This master engine builder explains how to select and port heads for maximum output. Choosing the right cam and specs is thoroughly covered because the cam is essentially the "brain" of an engine. As such, Vizard provides invaluable advice on all aspects of cam performance and explains his proven method for selecting the best cam for a particular engine and application. In addition, he explains how to pick the ideal valvetrain components to arrive at the ideal rocker arm ratio for your equipment package. Forced-air induction is another important aspect of making horsepower, so he also covers how to select and set up superchargers as well as nitrous-oxide systems.

You simply cannot find another book that packs as much engine-building acumen and wisdom into one package.

Published by SA Design - # SA24

Softcover - 144 Pages

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